Training & Development

12sHOSHI GUARDS PVT. LTD.   Has  a  well  laid  out  and  tailor  made  Training  policy. The  training  of  guards/supervisors  is given at our office complex by our experienced instructors, who mostly are ex-serviceman/ex-police and ex-paramilitary personals. Guards and  supervisors have to undergo two weeks Training program and if qualified then only are deployed for duties.
Periodical on the job training is carried out at unit/site as per the requirements of clients and special site instructions are briefed to the staff.
Selection Process
Hoshi follows stringent process and criteria’s for getting the right people selected for all respective positions. It is very important that the right selections tools are used to get the right people for the job. We have different selection criteria’s for different levels. The selection rounds involves
  • Aptitude test
  • Fitness Test
  • Personal round of Interviews
  • Background Check
The candidate has to qualify the minimum cut off at each selection level, in order to qualify for the opening. Only after clearing the rounds the candidate goes for the extensive orientation and training sessions followed by the test, which she should clear in order to become the employee of Hoshi.
7aEvery security personnel is trained before a post is assigned to him, in relation to information related to site and client, and also the job expectation. Unique requirement of the client are also downloaded to him to ensure that services are upto the expectation.
Training Program
Each candidate shortlisted after qualifying each  selection levels undergoes extensive training sessions. This basically involve orientation to the key staff people in various departments, induction to the company and the job profile. Both the theoretical and practical training is imparted through lectures, video films, discussions, acting out the hypothetical situations etc.


  1. 13sLeadership/ Roll of supervisors & field officers.
  2. Vigilance/ good observer.
  3. Communication skills.
  4. Training of guards.
  5. Documentation/Diary management.
  6. Time management/ Emergency management.
  7. Welfare of guards/ Company policy.
  8. Sourcing of Man powers /Screening & verification.
  9. Fire prevention & control
  10. Preventive measures for Theft /pilferages.
  11. Investigation of unusual incidents.
  12. Reporting channel & procedures.
  13. Legal Obligations.
  14. LIASON with local Police.
  15. Site & Post training.
  16. Loss/Theft of Materials.
  1. Vigilance & keen observer.
  2. Prevention/control of thefts & pilferages.
  3. Fire prevention & fire fighting.
  4. Telephone Courtesies /Messages/Information.
  5. Visitors In & Out Records/Courtesies Handling.
  6. Material in & Out Records/control.
  7. Physical checking/ Frisking.
  8. Day Duties/Night Duties/Patrolling Duties/ Car Parking.
  9. Emergency Procedures/ Threat Perception/ Crowd Control.
  10. Reporting procedure & Channels.
  11. Physical Drill, Saluting & March past.
  12. Uniform/Turn out /Discipline/Punctuality & Honesty.
  13. Over Powering of Anti-Social Elements & Instant Reporting to Police   
  14. Control Room Tel. No. 100.
  15. First Aid & Safety Norms.
  16. Proper Handing & taking over of charge/Keys/Material etc.
  17. Site & post Training.
  18. Co-Operation with beat Constable & local Police.
  19. General Information/Rules & Regulations of the Hoshi.
  20. Loss/Theft of Materials.