Our Strength

Hoshi  is known for its quality services. We pay attention to know our client so as to offer the right package of services.
Main features of our services are :-
  • Providing security to corporate clients including office complexes, industries, factories and other organizations
  • Providing security at special events
  • Providing detective services for Corporate and individuals
  • Tackling Complex problems like extortion and kidnapping
  • Providing specialized crises management services during Dharna, Strike, Gherao etc. by employees/ union
Manpower – Building Quality
Our  focus to build quality is at  three levels viz. Recruitment, Training and special skills.  We have devised a method of supervision and  inspection system to  ensure the highest quality. Our motto has always been that our staff may serve as a forefront for our client.  Thus, we try to inculcate a code of conduct which results in benefiting of our client’s values and status.
As  of  now, we recruit our staff based on stringent parameters.  This process includes education, physical fitness, age and antecedents  etc. We also keep in mind the specific requirements of each  client  as well as the sensitive nature of the job entrusted to us for execution.
Once  recruited  our staff is  given  extensive training in respect of  their general responsibilities  as  well  in respect  to the  client’s specific requirements.  Also included in our training is a refresher course for our guards.
Special Skills and Job Knowledge
We  focus  on special  skills required to  undertake security.  This  includes usage  of  fire  fighting and security equipment, carrying out physical searches of people and vehicles.  Other special skills include controlling and organizing vehicular traffic, reporting  of  unusual  incidents and patrolling. 
Supervision and Inspection System
We have developed a system of supervision to monitor our services.  Supervisors perform three main tasks viz. Training, inspection and  customer  contact.
We  carry  out  two  types of supervision viz. scheduled  inspection and random checks.  The supervisors attached to  the  client carry  out  scheduled  inspection  while  field  officers  not  directly attached to the client carry out random checks.  This  ensures constant and unbiased  feedback  to  the management.
Periodic Report
Through  are  routine  and  random  checks  our  officer  keep a  track of  the observation made related  to  client site.  We  ensure  that  periodic  report  related to  the  post  and  the  security issues  is  submitted to the  client giving concerns, suggestions or  issues. We  also  call  for  the periodic discussions  with  the client as  a  platform to  update  them  about  security reports and the  issues, giving  them the  professional advice  and  solutions to the forthcoming issues.
Code of Conduct
We  are  aware  that  our personnel  should  conduct themselves  so  that  they  uphold  the  values  of  our clients at all times. Our guards  are  issued  uniform and  other accessory to ensure a smart  turnout  at  all  times.
This  section highlights  some of  the  infrastructure  facilities  that  we  have developed.
  • Communication Facilities – We have developed a round the clock control room at our office. Our field staff is equipped with wireless, walky-talky sets, mobile phones and mobile vehicles. The field staff is therefore, equipped to assist any client in case the need arises.
  • Mobile Vans – We are now equipped with mobile vehicles having wireless equipment.  These vehicles are placed at strategic points to meet any exigency.
  • Round the clock control room – We have the 24 hour control room for the easy accessibility. This cell work round the clock to ensure a smooth flow of resources and  information between various post, company and the security personnel. All the emergency contact are with this cell to unable a quick and proactive response to all situations.
  • Liasoning – We have a strong network with all the government bodies and local authorities, so that emergency and critical situations can be handled with proper supervision and fast course of actions.