We have full range of guarding solution. Our aim is to provide maximum protection to client life and his property. Only after analyzing and familiarization of client location we decide and recommend the right guards.

Image11We have build this division devised a method of supervision and inspection system to ensure that our work and execution of services is of the highest quality. We recruit our staff based on stringent parameters.

This includes education, physical fitness, age and antecedents. We also keep in mind the specific requirements of each client as well as the sensitive nature of the job.

Only after a thorough study of the client requirement, setup and nature of business, we decide the deployment strategy and plan. Once the approval on the plan submitted by experts to the client on the number of, kind and quality of manpower, the strategy and the process for guarding, we move ahead with the deployment.

The periodic reviews and report help us to ensure that the services are the best of quality and to the satisfaction of our client. The objective being the maximum security of our client.

  • Skilled
  • Fully Trained
  • Rich experience and knowledge
  • Educationally qualified
  • Round the clock service monitoring by Field Officers
  • Ration of guard to supervisor (4:1)
  • 24X 7 operational control rooms
We provide  the manned  guarding to all  business  like Banks,  Industries,  Corporate houses, retail outlets, hotels,  institutes, residential  colonies and  individuals etc. The  guarding  division  includes  personnel  at  various  levels.
The strength of this division is around 2000 skilled &  trained.
Chief Security Officer (CSO) : A Senior Officer of  the Company who  is  either  from the Army, Navy, Airforce  or Paramilitary force. All CSO’s can talk in English. Before  enrolling them in our  company he undergoes a series of interviews  and tests.  Only after  he  clears these test  he is taken in as  a CSO . He has full knowledge in Security related matters as  well as  fire fighting. These  officers are  well aware of  multinational company  culture and  are  capable of on  the spot  decisions.
Security Officer (SO) : A fairly  senior officer who  may not be  from the  service background . He  has complete  knowledge about  security  subjects . They are  capable of taking  independent decisions. They have full  knowledge about  Fire Fighting.
Asst. Security Officers (ASO) : An  ASO is a well  experienced officer  who  may  not  be  from service background. They  should have  put  in  atleast 5  to 6 years  of service  in  the  company before  they are  promoted to  this  rank. They  can handle  any  unit independently. The  ASO  is  well versed  with  all  security  matters  and  Fire  Fighting  drill.
Head Guard (H/G) : Security  Guards  who  have smart  bearing, intelligent  and  loyal  are  promoted as Head  Guards. They are  more  responsible as compared  to  the  guards. Before  being  promoted  it is  seen that  should   have atleast  3  to  4  years of working  experience in  the  company. Head  Guards  are  generally  graduates and  number of them  can converse in English also.
Security Guards (S/G)  : They are  minimum 10th  Class  pass,  having 5’7″  of height   and are medically fit. They  have   good knowledge  of national  language. Security  Guards  before  getting  enrolled  in  the  company are  expected to  have  good bearing and above  average intelligence. They  are trained  for 2  weeks in  our training centre  before  they  pass  out. Thereafter  they  are posted to some  big units for  two weeks where they are given on  the job training under. Emphasis is  laid both  on  physical and theoretical training.
Armed Guard ( Gunman) :  A  well trained guard who is in possession of a gun  with proper licence. Individuals or company’s where  threat of attack by intruder  is  more, prefer to have armed guards. The armed  guard is well trained and is  well aware of all rules and  regulations.
Lady Security Guard (L.S.G.) : A well  trained lady  security guard is  found useful  in institutions  where  more  women  workers  are employed.  She  has  good knowledge  of  security matters. She  is  found  to  be  frisking  ladies.